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Our name says it all, we are here to disrupt how we all seek advise and define our career path. We are here to make the right connection for you. is a ventured initiated by Tiger Tech solutions and supported by PAC Asia Services Pvt Ltd  a student mobility and technology driven enterprise focusing on innovative education products & services, driven by a team of very best professionals from student counseling, International Education, Digital Marketing and Services industry. Traditionally we all always look up to our near and dear ones for advise, specially career advise, at mapmyadvisor we define them as “opinions” and not really professional advise.. What amazed us was the fact that majority of students and their parents actually rely upon advise and opinions of family members, close friends and extended network of people that “they know” who have some success stories of their own to guide them or their kids on career path ahead.

We all have the right to make that change now and define our career choices and lives based on advise from professional and qualified individuals who can help us in making a better and informed decision.

Mapmyadvisor is filling that gap by connecting students and parents with industry professionals with strong experience and qualified career counselors and individuals who can help you make a better and informed decision.

So start connecting with the right advisor and make that difference in our life…

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