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Deciding On College or Course against DU Cut Offs

After declaration of DU Admissions 2017 Cutoff List, there’s a general response of despondency among all the students and guardians about the cut offs being abnormally high. With cut off stress on one hand, another concern soaring high on minds is which one to give more importance college or course. There are actually many different answers to this question. And, the views and opinions are divided over the matter. However, the answer to the blazing tug-of-war of college vs. courses is not so straight and simple.There are situations where the course seems more important than the college, and vice versa.

When to Choose Course Over College:

If you have a particular interest area and pretty determined to pursue it as your career in the future, then you must definitely give more importance to your course rather than the college. If you are confident enough that you would excel in your skills and you pursue it accordingly, a job opportunity shall come knocking at your door. But, you may never get a good job opportunity as a result of your college pedigree if you do not have the right skills for it. An accomplished student from a mediocre college would always be preferred to an average student from a star college.

  •  If the faculty of the college with your preferred course is good enough, you should follow the course.
  • Compromising with a course that doesn’t match with the job roles you wish to get in the future is definitely not the best idea

When to Choose College over Course:

If you have not yet figured out what you want to pick up as a job choice, or you have interest in several subjects, then choosing college over course is definitely a good idea. While pursuing your course from a good college you can narrow down your option during the 3 years, and then specialize in the chosen field at the Master’s level.

The opportunities and exposure that you get in your college are meant to enhance your profile and improve your acceptance to different job opportunities. College environment like quality of classroom, experienced faculty, extra-curricular activities, all serve to enhance the efficacy of your college education, and what you take with you after the end of your college life.

Thus, if you are to choose between a top-ranking college and a tire-2 college without the course taken into consideration, you should choose the college over the course. Yet, if the choice is about a tier-2 and tier-3 college, then the course should definitely be on the first priority.

The course vs. college choice is a tight-rope to walk on, one that requires a lot of thinking, analysis and consideration. If you are still in a state of dilemma, you may approach an online career counselor before making the final decision. Confused?
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