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Most Lucrative Off Beat Career Choices of 2017

Some years ago, only two primary career choices were considered fit to strive for after high school – one was to become an Engineer and the other a Doctor. Even the school curriculum was designed in a manner that it groomed the students to move ahead in their career choosing these two categories only. Biggest disadvantage of this system was that students with unique talents could not pursue their skill further to convert it into a full fledged career option.

However, time has changed for better and students are now no longer required to abandon their skills or convert them into hobbies and follow the clichéd path. They are no longer scared of dreaming big and different in terms of making career choices in 2017. Now, one can actually pursue their individual skills and interest into a career that earns them their bread & butter.Here are five most lucrative and offbeat career options available today.



Career in photographyis much favorite among the youngsters nowadays. It’s not just about clicking good photographs, but mastering artistic and technical acumen in a go.A high school diploma is the minimum education needed to become a photographer. However, formal degree programs in photography are also available. You may choose from different specialization areas that are available in photography like wedding photography, wildlife photography, travel photography and more. After completion of the course, you can work as a freelancer or work on a payroll in a studio.


Product Designing:

As people are growing more and more fashion savvy, the need of good product designers have increased in the product industry. The range of products that holds good prospects for product designers can just be anything from hardware devices, mobile phones to stylish footwear. National Institute of Design is a leading institute in India that offers courses including graphics & animation, ceramic design, textile, furniture and targeted product design. Check out Jewelry design is another specialized segment that has scope for someone with an eye for detail. Gemology courses are also required to get a deeper understanding of different gems. If your child has the interest, patience and aptitude for this, you can also sign up for classes at an early age.


Pet Groomer:

Pet grooming is a very upcoming and compassionate career that holds booming potential. This career has a more humane touch to it rather than a mechanical side. That’s why career in pet grooming is recommended to people who are pet lovers and love to care for the health and hygiene of pets. People who are job holders or people who are looking for exclusive pampering and styling for their pets are the clientele. Pet grooming courses are available nowadays; in addition to this veterinary know-how is also a must pick up for aspiring candidates.


Fitness Trainer:

Fitness Trainers are professional trained to help people stay in shape, achieve and maintain good physical health. It involves giving advice on diets, nutrition, and other important areas of exercise and holistic living. Apart from basic education a fitness trainer may specialize in aerobics, weight lifting, yoga or any other fitness & health related certification.


Styling & Make-Up Specialist:

Styling and Make-Up Specialist is an evolving career choice in today’s fashion conscious world.  As a fashion stylish you may work with celebrities, models and for studio photo shoots. Along with a natural flair for styling, there are a lot of tools and techniques you have to learn from styling institutes when it comes to the profession.

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